Stepper motors don't running

Hi everybody!

This is my first post and first build! Hope I post this right…

I’m building a CNC router and have some problem with my stepper motors.

It’s a CNC OX in the ground and will run with a smoothieboard 5xc v.1.
4 nema23 stepper motors running on 24vdc.

My problem is this! I got connection with my PC and pronterface to the smoothieboard. I can feel the motors get powerd up, but when I try to move them with pronterface nothing happens. All I hear is some ticking noice.

I have tried both the internal drivers on the smoothieboard and external drivers. Tried both the connectors and soldered the motors to the board. Still same problem…

Anyone got some advices?

Sounds like the motor wires are mixed up. Have you tried changing the wire position and made sure that the two coils are connected to the A or B? sometimes changing a wire is all it takes :slight_smile:

That was my thought to, have already tried it though.
I’ve got two motors loose just for trying. And I have, green, black, red and blue from the motor. If I spinn the motor it turns easy. And if I put my black and green cable together it it became some resistance, that’s one coil right?:ok_hand:

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Is there anything in the config file that makes this?

Possibly your board is in ALARM state. Typical CNC configurations start the board in alarm state for security reason. You then need to home the machine first, before the axes can be manually jogged. With such a configuration you also need to connect the endstops to get it working.

Okay, will try plugg them in. Can I see in any program if the board is in alarm state?:blush:

Yes, just send ? with a terminal connection (or integrated console in LaserWeb). This only works when smoothieware is in CNC mode (grbl compatible).

Great! Then I will try that later. Thanks for the help so far!

Also try reducing the max speeds and acceleration by 10 and by 100 and see if that changes anything. Too high default speeds/accel is a very common problem.

Okay, you mean #maximum speed in mm/min?

I have only used the latest config file.
X max speed. 30000
Y max speed 30000
Z max speed 300

no, I mean the speed you are using in your Gcode ( F parameter ). I guess you could limit maximum speed and rate also. You need to also try reducing acceleration as I said.