Stepper Motor testing

Printed Solid has a 5 Motor set. $79.99 +tax. We’ll see how they perform. Obviously I think they will be better than the stock E3 motors. After I tested the stock motors I found they were just out of specs, one was 2 ohms off, two others were 1.3 ohms different per coil. I guess I caused an Epic fail without smoke.
Just thinking if I change my 500 watt heater to 1000 watts I should be able to get 120c inside the enclosure maybe, but I would have to redesign my heater unit. I have the printer tore down and I’m figuring where to mount the printer base and drill the hole in the bottom for the wiring to pass through, along with raising the enclosure for the power supply and Controller case to fit underneath. I also have to print a mount for the screen to mount to the side of the enclosure.

At 120°C you’ll definitely want the high-temp steppers or water cooling. :smiley:

Is the set you are looking at from Printed Solid high-temperature steppers? Is it this set?

Note that some of those are 0.9° and others are 1.8° steppers, and only some of them appear to be high-temperature. It looks like the 0.9° motors are high temp, but not the others. It looks like they are:

Likely high temp, if it’s actually the same motor as this:

Regular, if it’s the same motor as this:

And it’s not clear that they ship the extruder motor separately because it only shows up in the kit so I can’t link to it, and I see no indication of it being high-temp.

The specifications PDF on the set of motors has nothing in it about high-temp for any of them. You might contact Printed Solid and ask before you buy that set for a high-temp enclosure, unless you intend to go with water cooling anyway.

This set


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LDO BLV Cube Motor Kit × 1

Ooops, I put the wrong link in, but yeah that’s the one I was asking about. I’ve fixed the link now.

I don’t see any indication that those are all high temperature and I’d ask Printed Solid about it before ordering.

I believe the STH in the model number denotes that they are high temp. but I am going to check…

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I stand corrected the H denotes Hybrid

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I am returning the LDO stepper kit and purchasing all high temp steppers. and a higher temp bed.
Question where can I get a relay for a 110ac bed driven by the bed heater driver from the board?

“SSR” (solid-state relay) is what you are looking for. By way of example and not endorsement, I have in the past purchased this unit:

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Yeowza this is getting expensive.

So, I found out that the ender 3 that I bought from amazon has a CR-10 display, as such. So it will work with the Mini. I created the BIN file for it, and I’m waiting to get the high temp steppers before I re-assemble the printer inside the enclosure

Update from 10/24…
I have the SSR an the 110v hotbed, I’m waiting on the high temp steppers from LDO. I also have a 1000 watt heating element for my enclosure., I’m gonna have to modify my drawing for the older element in Fusion, and reprint it.

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Things are finally coming together. I’m printing an enclosure for the controller and LCD screen. I have my new LDO High temp steppers in place My 1000 watt Enclosure heater is together, and my duel Z axis stepper system with timing belt are smoooth. Also I have the 110VAC bed heater and the SSR. OK, WHY you ask? I want to make real solid brackets and mounting parts for other toy’s I am building in the next couple years.
I plan on building a replica LongMill CNC router. A 5’ x 9’ Plasma cutting table.
And a 4’ x 4’ Laser table with Stepper driven Z for etching/ Sand Blasting Glass.


A week or so ago I tried to upload my files for the 500 watt enclosure Heater and the 1000 watt model as well… Here they are, I drew them in Fusion 360
1000 Watt Heater to 80 mm Fan v2.step (293.9 KB)
500 watt Chamber Heater with 80mm fan v1.step (82.5 KB)
Use them as you need to. I will upload the Enclosure for my controller after it has completed printing and I have it together… It from Thingaverse

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Ender 3 Electronics Enclosure
I just completed the print for this enclosure, I like the looks and the simplicity of it but the venting slots broke out as I was removing the supports. I added four stand-off spacers to the step file on the fan side to keep it in place for the wiring to come through.

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You know that saying “well that didn’t work”
My external enclosure was 2mm to small for the BTT mini.
SO now Ive stretched it in Cura and am re-printing it.
OH well, I’m still working on the wiring, double checking that I have the steppers phased correctly…