Starting to model some OX parts for cutting. I love JSCut and ChiliPeppr..

Starting to model some OX parts for cutting. I love JSCut and ChiliPeppr… Stuff is so simple… Do you think Ill will need to use tabs with 1/2" aluminum plate? Never set up or cut these parts. Was planning to use some 2 sided carpet tape to hold the centers, and some screws and clamps to hold the plate in place for cutting.

For larger parts you often don’t need tabs. For small parts, I’ve had my end mill throw the part out of the hole when not using tabs. As long as the outermost profile is the last operation you should be good. You could get a small divot at the point where the endmill is when the part detaches, but alot less likely if the part is held with double sided tape.

Thanks Dave… I really appreciate your knowledge.

@Thomas_Shue The forums frequently have questions about milling AL; please share your success parameters as they develop: spindle type, mill type, feed rates, cut per pass, etc. Good luck!

I will do it… I need to build my own machine now… I finished helping my friend. He’s on his own now… I guess I’ll order my own TinyG now… . Today I made a bunch of videos, (they need Editing), of step by step on setting up a TinyG on the OX, with all the goodies on it.

Hi can you let me know if you have made the videos yet and if so can we have a link to them