Starting to look like an awesome 3D printer. I think I spent most of the

Starting to look like an awesome 3D printer. I think I spent most of the day tearing the frame apart to get the remaining T-Nuts in for the Plexiglas to attach to the frame.

Is there a bracket to hold the corner of the Azteeg controller holder (red piece) and the bottom right corner of the Eustathios Name plate on the front. I see there is a hole in both pieces, like there should be something there.

You are the first one that I know of to do the front logo… Man that looks sexy.

BTW the two small holes near each other are to put a corner bracket if you have one to support the two pieces together.

One of those metal corner brackets that I use on the frame? I will have to see if I have any spares tomorrow.

Thanks! I’m definitely getting closer to having this thing printing!

Or just print one it’s an easy model to make and print. But to be honest it likely isn’t even needed.