Starting to get really annoyed with people in  making statements,

Starting to get really annoyed with people in #reprap making statements, then refusing to back them up with anything other than a repeat of the statement.

That’s annoying anywhere in the universe :slight_smile:

Which statement in particular? I idle there, but don’t participate in conversation as it often moves very very fast.

there’s been a number of instances, two off the top of my head was when someone was querying something, and someone else said something along the lines of ‘I know how to do it in linux, but you’re using winblows’ since I was pretty sure he was just talking about sending ramps a gcode, I requested he explain himself. instead, he just danced around the question. (since hell, the process of sending a gcode is exactly the same in the two operating systems)
today someone stated that rattm was a bad company. and refused to state why they thought so, other than to repeat themselves.

You safely ignore those types of comments, there’s little point in engaging.
These people are not there to help or share.

Why can’t everyone just follow simple rules of social engagement? it would make life so much easier…

@Jonathan_se5a_Sorens , nothing wrong with a bit of conflict. Who wants a garden that never has weeds?

There’s nothing wrong with having a difference of opinion, as long as you’re prepared to give reasons.
I always hated gardening :stuck_out_tongue: