Started upgrading my Printrbot Simple to the max X and Y rods I have.

Started upgrading my @Printrbot Simple to the max X and Y rods I have. Print plate will be about 18" x 14" deep. @Brook_Drumm think it will work ?

Photos will come later.

Something I have been wondering:
At what point have I modified my PrintrBot Simple so much that it is no longer a PrintrBot Simple?
Pretty sure you and I are getting close to that point. :wink:

More power to you! Call it whatever you want- just cool that a PrintrBot got it rolling :wink:

yes i am thinking i have more printed parts on mine then wood left. just finished the new front end like the newest bots. like having the stepper facing back and seems to print very well. now i just need to wire up the probe and update firmware… not looking forward to that challenge.
Here are the parts i used for the latest upgrade. still have the original 2014 version but since the Y rod spacing stayed the same i just used these parts