Started a job and suddenly sees that the milling bit is wrong in te

Started a job and suddenly sees that the milling bit is wrong in te gcode. How can I stop the job and return it to temporary home position to start the job again?

Ooh. I’d like to know this one too.

can’t ctr+x that will return to machine zero.

nah - guess I’m screwed, seems like the only way to flush the quee is the ctrl+x. I tried to set machine zero with the g28.3 command but this did not work. Is his TinyG only?

Why not pause the machine, manual retract the quill, chsnge to the right tool, lower quill back to previous location, and resume cutting? I’ve never used chilipeppr, but plan to soon.

I may have not been to clear here - it was nothing wrong with the bit (3mm). But in the CAM (tried Easel) I overlooked the bit setting - it was set on 1.5mm and not 3mm. So I needed to reload the gcode without ruining the position. Manual retraction will never be accurate enough.

The part got ruined anyways but would be good to know for the future :slight_smile: Also - I could not find the code for setting Machine 0,0,0 in grbl - anyone know this?

Wait until JohnL stops by, I have seen him describe how to do it but can’t find it. You will obviously have to rezero Z with new bit, that is were the order of execution is important

Have a new tinyg but not up yet. Wouldnt u just rewrite program and touch off part again for part zero? That is if you are not using offset calls. Offset calls often create more probs than solve…straight tool path already compensated for tool radius usually yields better results. Guess depends on your cam. Also have not tried but can chilipepps start start anywhere in the gcode prog? If not,couldn’t u just erase unwanted g code and reload program?

Mental retraction not accurate enough? How so? If you know where the Z height is, and retract the z, then lower back to that height. I would hope your machine repeatability is good enough. If not, maybe there’s a problem