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Hello gentlemen,
I am new to 3D printing, but I am senior programmer, lately working with colaborative UR/Rethink Sawyer/Fanuc and industrial (large) ABB robots. I want to offer my help with software development in exchange for guideance in 3D printing and assembly of this “UR3 copy”. I find the possibility of building simple robot with price tag below $300 very interesting and I am sure I can find some practical usage for it in my home - guess I’d like to build more of them in a long run, connect them to smart home server provided with RPi, build one on top of “roomba” like vacuum cleaner to pick my children toys and so on and so on…

1st) What are the most troubling software issues right now? What are the most desired features right now? Where can I help?

  1. I have found lots of resources for printing, electronics, software… I can’t find some entry point, dumb step-by-step article or video.

  2. I’m little confused about the Eagle PCB - do you guys create it manually, or do you just take the .zip archive with source files and send it to some professional?

Anyways, cheers for help, resources, reactions, anything. Great project, I’m really looking forward to results… and the fun I’ll find on the way :))

Yea I see I’m stupid, don’t mind me. Had a second look at the git repo and realized I’m hugely overshooting… The repo is improvement of the WE-R2.4, right? I mainly need to start printing that… And get printer… Nvm… I should have searched more through the resources before asking stupid and long question O:-) And all the code is there as well… And OMG I just found chilipeppr com Anyways, trip to the opensource wilderness… :smiley:

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And great project! I’m huge fan :smiley:

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Not a robot pro, but work a Robot company. I do 3d printing, designed, and been in software for over 20 years. glad to help if I can.