Stand for my knife grinder

I finished my grinder and built a stand for it. All of the metal for the stand was salvaged from a treadmill.


Very sweeeeeet!

Huh. I have the frame from my dead treadmill that I couldn’t bring myself to just get rid of. Great recycling work! Looks like I need to refresh my supply of shield gas for the welder sometime! :slight_smile:

I think I maximized the use of all the parts. This was a commercial treadmill from a fitness center. It had a 3 hp 3 phase motor that I put on my band saw. The 2 side rails were 2"x3" 1/8" wall tubing and I still have one side left. The bottom pieces that the casters are mounted to are only 1/16" wall. Steel is so expensive I am always looking for scrap. I have recycled 3 treadmill so far. I have a 2 hp DC motor on my lathe that works really well. Chances are your treadmill motor still works. The only thing is in order to run the DC or the 3 phase you have to by a controller. They both run about $150.