Spot the mistake

So that’s why my laser heats up too quick🤦

What are you using for cooling?

At the moment there is 2 gallons of water in a bucket. That’s not enough to over come the stove next to it. So first I need to resite it. I have been looking at using either a peltier system or a c3000 chiller. At the moment cash is the killer. Especially as I need a new tube. But I will not get it until cooling is sorted.

The c3000 would be better. Peltier based systems are not generally practical for laser cooling, especially if you have a high ambient temp. Do you use frozen water bottles in your bucket? Also consider adding a digital thermometer with a thermocouple to monitor your tube temp. The tube should stay under 25C for best life.

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… and the temp meter and flow meter should be in series with your new interlock circuit.

Thanks for advice. There is a digital thermometer on the laser but as yet no flowmeter. Frozen bottles. You know that moment you think homer has more brains than me. First thing though is to get the laser away from the stove.


Been looking at the cw3000. It seems that it is just a radiator and fan. Surely this will only cool to ambient temperature. Would this be any better than a small radiator and some computer fans?

It all depends on what you’re looking for and what you’re willing to spend. I purchased mine because it was a tank, a flow switch and a pump in an all-in-one unit. It also has interlocks. I have a refrigeration unit in order to cool the water below ambient temperature. I was also lucky enough to find a discounted one on Amazon. if I were to try and build this myself, it would have been the same or very close to what I spent on the unit.

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Good point. I will whisk myself off to that paradise called ebay and see what i can find for refrigeration.
Thanks for the help

CW5000 series has active cooling. If you don’t already have cooling separately you might consider them. They do cost more, obviously.


You can often find a used aquarium chiller used for ~ US$100. I got a 1/6HP unit for that in my local craigslist.
A K40 (by my guesstimation and pencil and paper work) puts out on the order of 160W waste heat that has to be carried off by the cooling water. Aquarium coolers are often good for 2x to 3x that much, and they typically come with accurate temperature controllers.


thanks for the advice. I have got a 3000 and works like a charm. Temperature hovers around 17c .