Spot the mistake! Pretty good,

Spot the mistake! Pretty good, though I did break a drill trying the probe in the m6 screen(auto level worked well) it went to like - 200 in about a second!

Using precision bits(think and tinker)0.01inch end mill at 1000mm/min 24000rpm. They recommend 1500 I’ll try that next time.

Looks really nice. All the drills seem the same size, so guessing you didn’t need to swap out different size drill bits? Did you use the Eagle BRD import widget?

I see the edges of some traces “overlapping” a bit in a few places. I’m guessing that wasn’t intentional? But what caused it?

Yeah I didn’t bother changing drills. Just the tool change from milling to the drill I had the problem. Yes auto level worked well. Though my vacuum pump was struggling by the drilling cycle and it was starting to lift. Very happy with it. Thanks for your work John. It’s a balance charger for my ebike, 20s.

@marmil yeah that’s from the trace inflation and trying to fit the whole thing inside the 80mm of the Eagle licence. But doesn’t really matter. The fault I was talking about is in the lower left corner I forgot to route one of the short traces.

Lonely hole in the middle… Is that it?

That’s for mounting a toroid

Two islands, should be connected?

Board looks awesome.

What is your feedrate during autolevel and what is the milling depth and feedrate afterwards?
I probe with 20mm/min and mill with -0.1mm depth and 100mm/min but my traces are far too deep.

@Menno_de_Graaf that’s it!

@sszafran ​​ Feed rate for auto level was defaults. I opened up the grid to 20mm. The cutting speed was 1000mm/min at 24000rpm (don’t forget your chip load depends on the RPM) their web site has a chart on it and says it should be 1500mm.

really nice one.