Spindle Controll doesn't work

(Chris_CNC_SW) #1

I want to use a Smoothieboard V1 4x to controll a Spindle with a VDF variation frequncy drive about modbus rs485. The VDF is a Huanyang typ HY02D223B.
I connected the VFD with the port RS+ and RS- about a signal adapter (UART to RS485) to the board. For my config file I use this configuration:

grbl_mode true # set the G-Code standart
spindle.enable true # set this to false to disable the spindle module
spindle.type modbus # set the spindle type to modbus/RS485
spindle.vfd_type huanyang # set the VFD type, this is necessary because each inverter uses its own commands
spindle.rx_pin 2.6 # RX pin for the soft serial
spindle.tx_pin 2.4 # TX pin for the soft serial
spindle.dir_pin 2.5 # RS485 is only half-duplex, so we need a pin to switch between sending and receiving

I use the pins 2.6 for rx, 2.4 for tx, 2.5 for rts (dir) , GND and 3.3V on the Board.

I use “file firmware-cnc.bin” for my Firmware on my sd card. Flashing was without of any problems. On the Vfd I change the parameter to this:

PD001: 2 (Source of run commands: communication port)
PD002: 2 (Source of operating frequency: communication port)
PD163: 1 (Communication address: 1)
PD164: 1 (Communication Baud Rate: 9600)
PD165: 3 (Communication Data Method: 8N1 RTU)

After all cofiguration I used pronterface on Windows 10 . I wanted to send G-Code" m3 s1000" to the board about usb and it doesn’t work. And now I haven’t no idea how could it be. Please help me.

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(Antonio H_SW) #2

Check Google + Smoothieboard community.
There are multiple threads that talk about that issue (modbus, pwm, analog…)