Speed v accuracy

With a lot of help from the good guys on this boardi have a working k40.:+1:. So I find that if I set my speed to 50 mps I get wierd out puts with work messed up. At 30 MPs it is perfect. I have redrawn in case there was a problem there. Nope. Thought it may be a slipping belt. Because some of the faults repeat themselves and then carry on correctly it cannot be that. So I am left thinking that the controller is dropping code or at least unable to keep up with it. Have others come across that? I will get some pics. If I haven’t burnt them all in my log burner. It’s a nano controller.

This a fine example. The es at the end of Peebles drops. It did the same on the next one. If the belt had slipped it would all be offset.

On this one it decided to move the tails and play around with the fins.???
Is the answer likely to be upgrade the controller?

Remind us what control software you are using?
This looks like vector engraving correct? For vector engraving I typically don’t go above 25mm/s because you will typically start seeing stepping artifacts. You could still have some belt slippage. Also check and make sure the pulleys are tightly affixed to the steppers.

Hi Ned
I am using inkscape/K40 whisper. I would like to go up to lightburn but that would definitely need a board upgrade. I will have a check of belts etc tomorrow.

Tried the coasters again and at 20 mps it was perfect. Belts seem okay. Do the grbl based controllers allow for quicker working or is the low speed down to the mechanics?