Speed problems

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Hello everybody, I’m having a problem with my smoothieboard. The problem is that the speed of the stepper motors changes, so sometimes the x- and y-axis move extremely slow.
This happens during prints, so one half of a line is cut at normal speed and suddenly the speed changes and the second half of that line is cut at a very slow speed. It also happens when I manually want to move the x- or y-axis by turning the wheel on my GLCD screen. One out of 10 moves, the speed changes again to a very slow rate.
It doesn’t matter what software version of the smoothieware i use, I still have the same problem. I’ve also tried to test my smoothieboard with just the power supply and only one stepper motor connected, but I still have the same problem…
Could this be a hardware issue with my smoothieboard itself?

Any help would be appreciated a lot, Thanks!

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Hi Michiel,

did you managed to solve your problem? My first thought was check the drivers. Have you checked them?