Sorry to see this go. There IS a RepRap group over on Facebook.

(Jeff Keegan) #1

Sorry to see this go. There IS a RepRap group over on Facebook. Also people who know me, please find me there too:


(Daniel Bull) #2

I think the issue is people are here precisely because they don’t want to use Facebook.

(Jeff Keegan) #3

@Daniel_Bull Yeah but this is going away, so that may change some people’s behavior. I’m just saying, I don’t want to lose contact with the people that I only know over Google Plus, and for many people Facebook is better than nothing. For the rest, :frowning:

(Daniel Bull) #4

It won’t change my behaviour or anyone else I know. It looks like people are basically choosing between MeWe and Pluspora. I might check them both out

(Jeff Keegan) #5

@Daniel_Bull or anyone else you know? Wow.

(Daniel Bull) #6

@Jeff_Keegan yeah OK sorry that was a bit wide. I should say “anyone else I know well and have spoken to about their choices in where to go”. The first thing almost all of them said is along the lines of anywhere except Facebook.

(Dries Verbruggen) #7

Hi all, just a quick note to say that we will move our ‘Make your own ceramic 3d printer’ community to Wikifactory, a social design and production platform born out of WikiHouse that best resembles something like GitHub for hardware. We’re actively working with them on adding forum like features which will launch in a few weeks. Might be interesting for others here!

Here’s a link to a post by @Wikifactory_Communit detailing the new features:

Link to our ‘Make your own ceramic 3d printer’ G+ community: