sorry if this has already been posted - apparently I suck at using G+..

sorry if this has already been posted - apparently I suck at using G+… I would be really happy if any of you have some suggestions for this:

Hello everyone, I Have a problem that I really hope that you can help with. I hope I have just overlooked something… Ihave setup LW3 and have a USB connection to a smoothieboard. When I start a job It goes fine for a short while (could be anything between 2 and 10 seconds) then the cutter stops. I can then press ‘resume’ and it will start again. I can do that a few times until the server halts completely. In the console it says ‘GetOverLappedresult’ and ‘FileNotfound’ or ‘Unknown Error 87’ (how can an error be unknown and have a number??)

I’ve tried to change the Baudrate from 115200 to 57600 but no luck. Maybe a tiny bit better on 57600 but still loads of errors.

Also - have someone made a toturial video that goes beyond installing LW3? I think I’m missing some important steps in the program…

Thanks for the answers, I’m using a genuine smoothie - from official sources at least. I have tried different USB cables but I will shorten it more and try again.
Thanks for the link but as far as I can see the wiki is only good for installation. I have been through the youtube videos but they only cover the initial installation.
I will try and make one that covers the procedure from import to output as soon as possible