Sorry for this probably stupid question,

Sorry for this probably stupid question, but I have tried to figure this out for hours without success.

How do I clear the workspace to start fresh with another project?

I figured it out. For the benefit of anyone searching this in the future, just import a new file/project and the old one goes away.

I like Chilipepper, but I’m astonished this little bit of usability pain has not been addressed. Everybody asks this question. A way to “flush” the current project is sorely needed, IMHO.

If it is not a breach of protocol or ettiquite, I think I will continue to post my basic questions here, starting with this one:

I am at the stage of trying to cut a pcb board, but the result was HUGE compared to its design size – maybe 25x too big. Then it occurred to me that I had designed it in mms (using EagleCad), but had set chilipeppr to inches (consistent with the 25x error factor). However, even after using mm exclusively, the problem remained. Then it occurred to me that my tinyG configuration had not included anything to correlate steps to distance. A quick internet search reveals that a bunch of configuration codes are necessary, so I need to figure out which and, more importantly, how to get them into the tinyG. Any pointers (especially to a youtube video) would be great.

By the way, I do recall some chilipeppr functionality to adjust at least some parameters, but it had a warning that changes were irreparable, so I canceled. They can’t truly be irreparable (as in write once), can they? Who gets this stuff right on the first try?

How to archive an restore parameters:

Utility from @dhylands to help with this:

Thank you James. I will check that out. I have found in John’s Getting Started From Scratch youtube video some good info at the 45 minute mark. And I explored the CP configure widget and am going to put some values in, starting with travel per revolution which I will determine by measurement. Keeping my fingers crossed that the warning about irreparable is not literally true.

My attempt to adjust the x-axis travel per revolution has resulted in no ability to use the jog button to move on the x axis, although y and z still work. Here is what I did: I manually rotated the x-axis motor 100mm, which required 25 revolutions to move that distance, which equates to 4mm per revolution. I input that value into the motor 1 configuration screen from the CP-TinyG configuration widget. I wish now that I had made no other adjustments, but noticed the box below the travel per revolution box, to set step angle. Having noticed a label on my x-axis stepper moter (all my motors are identical) that seems to indicate 1.8 degrees, I also set that. The motor doesn’t move at all, so I don’t think my problem is merely bad calibration data.

So, I decided to adjust the y-axis motor in the same way. That adjustment worked fine, and the calibration is pretty accurate – moving 50mm measures out to real close to 50mm (within the accuracy of my quick measurement).

So, how do I get the x-axis motor to respond again? I never disconnected it and didn’t do anything else that could have affected it in this way. I tried a cold boot of everything but that did not help.

All thoughts and suggestions appreciated.

A scary thought – is it possible that in moving the x-axis motor manually, I induced a current that damaged my tinyG board? If possible, how do I determine that?

At the risk of making matters worse, I am going to rewire the x-axis motor to tinyG motor 4, and then configure that motor to the x-axis. If that works, I will conclude that I damaged the motor 1 controller.

OK, I rewired and remapped the x-axis motor to motor 4 on the tinyG. Still doesn’t work. I notice that when jogging y or z, four green leds on the tinyG board come on briefly. Those LED’s do not come on when jogging x. Does anyone know what those LED’s signify or what I can infer from them not coming on?

Should I be posting each of my questions separately, or is it better that they all be in one place for the benefit of anyone like me who may make all the mistakes I am making?

@Rick_Obel It sounds like you have either, 1) a bad stepper motor, 2) incorrectly wired stepper motor (or just a loose connection on it), or 3) you have misconfigured X on the TinyG. Given that moving the X motor (which should generate some power) doesn’t make any LEDs light up (which I think it probably should) makes me think you probably just have a loose wire somewhere, primarily because if you have connected it to a different driver and still don’t see any LEDs lighting up on manual movement, then I highly doubt you have hurt your driver chips, and this is further evidence, IMHO, that you have problem 1 or 2.

This might help figure out if you have your X stepper motor wired correctly: