Sorry for somewhat of a repeat question,

Sorry for somewhat of a repeat question, but I am still trying to get to get some basic workflow established:

I want to stop the current job midstream and totally restart it.

I press “feedhold” and then “wipe%”:
The machine stops but when I try and “Play” the gcode it either does not play or the machine moves to an incorrect position and crashes. I think it has lost its zero. (It acts like the ting was reset.

What is the proper way to stop and restart a job at the beginning without loosing zero setting and potentially crashing.

Should I be doing something with the : “Play/Pause/Stop Feedhold/Resume/Flush” settings in the “Gcode Sender Options”??

It does sound like it’s acting like it was reset. After you feedhold, then wipe, if you jog around does the XY look correct as the updates come back to you from TinyG?

@jlauer I will try when I get home.