Somewhere along the line I messed something up and I'm getting a very interesting

Somewhere along the line I messed something up and I’m getting a very interesting mirror flip thing going on with my output. I didn’t notice it until now since the stuff I’ve been printing was symmetrical enough to hide it, but when I started printing some lettering (and an iphone case) it became obvious :slight_smile:

I modeled a test piece in OpenSCAD to rule out the modeling software (I had used Tinkercad for the others), and I have a hunch that it’s something I cobbled in the firmware but I’m going to have to do some hunting it seems as well as a few more test prints. I wanted to share the results just in case anyone else finds themselves in a simular position.

check your axis movement direction. see below:

In which direction should the Axis move?
Z goes up when going positive, down when going negative X goes left when going negative and right when going positive Y goes forward when going positive and back on the negative You can reverse stepper direction by flipping the stepper plug, or changing settings in firmware. ALWAYS REMOVE POWER BEFORE UNPLUGGING A STEPPER.’s_guide

I was just going to flip the stepper connection, but now looking at the machine I think I know where this might have went wrong.

Waaaay back in the beginning when I was putting it together (it was originally a Makergear kit) I seem to remember a note on one of the photos in the assembly doc mentioning that they like to reverse the y axis. I probably followed-along with the photo and did the same, and installed my y-stop on the “wrong” end.

So I’ll have to move the end stop (lest it try to “home” forever) and then flip that stepper connection and see if my little “L” comes out as expected.

Thanks for the pointer @Karl_Hiedemann !

What slicer are you using?

Slic3r :slight_smile:

Usually this is due to a double problem: end-stop in the wrong side and then motor will need to be inverted.

If you press Y+ in pronterface, the bed should move toward you. X+ should move your X platform to the right. 0,0 is at the bottom left of your print bed. Like Miguel said, you’ll need to swap an endstop and invert an axis (can be easily done by flipping the connector for the stepper motor on your electronics board)

Did the same thing. Didn’t notice until I made an asymmetrical part and it kept on coming out mirrored. Wondered if I had gone insane for a moment :wink: The best part is that he printed parts I started out with (bought), was also mirrored. So I didn’t notice something was wrong when I made spares / upgrades.

I have a Printrbot with the same issue, flipped on one axis. Few enough prints have had an issue that I’ve not dug into finding and fixing it; just mirrored the few prints where it mattered.

Update: moved the end-stop, flipped the axis in the firmware and all is well. Thanks everyone for your help!

Glad to know it worked for you (I made the same mistake with my first Prusa