Somewhat frustrated by the ever lack of time to calibrate or even print on

Somewhat frustrated by the ever lack of time to calibrate or even print on my printer, a modified original rigidbot. I’m wondering if there are services that will accept drop off or shipping of the printer to get it back into action?

In my case it’s mostly a wiring experiment project gone lengthy and then not. It’s all based on lack of time.

Might be able to pay someone at your local makerspace to finish it for you.

lol, if I did this unfortunately to make it work @ us wages, the cost would be more than the machine. :confused:

I agree with the hackerspace & beer approach.

@Jeff_W Where are you located and what mods have been made?


It’s that bye bye board revamp I’ve been discussing a while back on the rigidbot group. I’d love to finish it off and test it out, but shameful lack of time. I know as a fact I’m overbooked out through to November with only 1am to 2am to spare (when I get my best work done)

Actually both bye bye and extruder board will be replaced with the new design. And new wiring to bye bye to mb.

Extruders to extruder board straight forward.

Surprising fact, most people with the skills to pick up an unknown “drop off” printer and get it working well are pretty busy and would charge a lot for their time :slight_smile:

Printrbot had a… bot spa? refurb program but that’s really only viable when you have a pile of replacement parts in inventory and skilled assemblers familiar with the printer already.

I have same problem like you my last project for a printer lasted for more than an year bofore even print and still continue. It’s pretty hard when you have 2-3 hours in total every day and you should choose sleep vs work on the printer. However I found that this best work with 2 printers and you only screw up one of them at a time.

Yup, I’ve had a printer “in process” for a few years now. Like George, I took the 2 printer approach.