Sometimes things go so fast, I love it.

We contacted the other party with a proposal for a license percentage, he rejected and demanded a lump sum, we agreed on the sum, the other party wrote the contract, we all singed and we transfered the money. We have stuck to the agreement, in letter and spirit.
Can we now please get back to 3d printing?

Thank you for the compliment on the effector. We have been designing so many it is becoming second nature.

Just to be totally clear. We bought one of his devices and did not ask or ever received support for it. For all sorts of reasons we decided to design our own device. Then we contacted him about an agreement.

Not commenting on agreement but yes these guys bought a flex3drive, received extened support and occupied lengthy engagement with me. There was an intent with the agreement, but these guys knew what game they were plaing all along, which is cool,

@Craig_Durant you stated “flex3d drive was not a new concept, it was just retrofitting an already proven design concept onto a 3D Printer” - can you please indicate or provide link to “already proven design”. AFAIK Flex3Drive was the first successfull reliable implementation of such a drive on 3D printers, and there are a number of non obvious nuances to the design that make it work so well. Also not sure what relevance that flexible shaft patent you posted has in regard to a Flex3Drive or other.

Just to be clear, im ok with competition, its nay issue for me. My sales have increased. However they are probably better off focusing on their fundamental tensioner and driveshaft issues. Sloppy on so many levels !

@Jason_Perkes I’m ok with you not being sure.

Extended support? I disagree. Here is a screen shot of our Skype conversation. Sure, we had long conversations, but none were about support for the drive. We can post the whole of the conversation if you want Jason.

missing/deleted image from Google+

@Craig_Durant whilst im very happy for you, you add no substance to your original comments.

That looks more simply like Zesty didn’t ask for any support in order to not give away the fact that they only ordered one in order to reverse engineer and copy it.

Not asking for support != not receiving support.


And here is the Dual version of it, mounted on a Chimera, still with a 43 mm effector.
It still is fun to see how quickly this came together. He did an amazing job here. Nice clean and simple install.
missing/deleted image from Google+

I wrote the agreement because you both declined the request to do so given you had access to legal eyes. We both edited the agreement as you wanted the “back story” that gave context to the agreement, removed. So we edited the agreemen together. This is far different from “jason wrote it”.

Also not sure when you thought it became acceptable tp publish, or threaten to publish private and confidential communications.

(Edited out).

I have not deleted anything. Can I delete somebody else’s post here? I doubt it. But even if it is possible, I would not do that.
Threaten? No not at all, in fact I invite you to publish the full transcript, you have my permission, and Brian’s as well.

Actually you are correct. I had deleted the comment so I have corrected and held hand up, which I do when wrong.

Publish transcripts that run into dozens upon dozens of pages, and make more a spectacle of this debarcle?

So you dont deny that you (ie both of you) were given option of writing agreement and declined, and then asked for back story to be removed once I had written it up?

Wait, you deleted your own comment, then made out as if I did it to hide something dark and secret, and now you edited out that part? Oh this is rich!

No I made an error. I forgot I deleted it, I owned up that I deleted it. Nothing rich about that, in fact its very honest.

So answer the question, did you both decline to write the agreement and instructed me to write the agreement?

You offered to write it, then asked: or perhaps you may wish to draft something?
we said, no we are fine with you writing it.

[28/4/16, 8:23:16 pm] Jason Perkes: if you are prepared to go ahead with it, then yes i can draw soemthing up
[28/4/16, 8:23:26 pm] Jason Perkes: ok
[28/4/16, 8:24:44 pm] Jason Perkes: or perhaps you may wish to draft something?
[28/4/16, 8:25:13 pm] Brian Gilbert: No we’re fine with you coming up with an agreement proposal

But you are missing the point here. We were accused of sneaking in text that could be used later. As we didn’t write it, we couldn’t.

I think we are done here.

Not sure I accused you of sneaking in text anywhere. Again, comments posted completely out of context. I guess we should agree to disagree. Maybe one day we will share a beer, but until then, please refrain from making false or distored statements about me, or my products, which you both tend to do quite a bit. As I said before, all I did was try to help you guys. Shame it turned out like it did.

You just can’t let it be. I never made a false statement about you or your products.

OK, of course you didnt. Must have been someone else. Ill leave it there.

@Lykle_Schepers cows spreading muck again