Sometimes shit happens... ;-)

Sometimes shit happens… :wink:

It might sound weird but since i went out to brake it i´m quite satisified. I´ve done it alot lately to find weak spots and that crash was the worst so far… The yellow parts was the first printed and at high speed with a low infill, as you can see there aren´t many yellow parts left… :wink:

Yes, you need to scroll far down and there’s a guy who finished his. To the left is a link to the OpenRC Google group where there are some discussions on electronics.

Maybe you can infill with honeycomb pattern…strong and not heavy

@Nicolas_Georgemel They were printed with a honeycomb infill pattern… printing it at 100% infill now…

Sometimes shit happens twice… =) Now printing chassie and top plate with 100% infill. I will try to brake this one as well and maybe I will add some kind of support to the chassie plate…