Sometimes I get what I deserve. Fault finding an rPi.

Sometimes I get what I deserve. Fault finding an rPi.

Set a fixed IP address on the Pi network interface and dont use DHCP. IF your Rpi is headless it can be a major drama to determine what the IP address that it is using.

Eliminate the cause and avoid the symptom or potential problems.

Do write down you rPi username and password plus the root pw.

hadnt used my machine for a while and moved house so it was like going back to square 1.

The latest SPJS has a -createstartupscript command line option you can run on start. That will install it as a service on Linux, thus on Raspberry Pi. Then, when inside ChiliPeppr, you can “scan for hosts” and ChiliPeppr tests every IP address on your network for SPJS so it finds your Raspi for you. No need to set a fixed IP or do the drama you speak of.

You can also configure a hostname inside the raspberry which can be used to resolve the IP from anywhere in your LAN. This is especially important if you have multiple raspberry on your network because with the default configuration the will all have the same hostname “raspberrypi” .