Sometimes I don't get adhesion on wide curves.

Sometimes I don’t get adhesion on wide curves. Would lowering the speed be more effective than increasing extruder temperature? Or maybe another solution?

Running off Bukobot 1.75 filament mod. 250 temp.

I don’t know much, but it seems to me that you’re running your extruder a bit hot. What kind of filament are you using?

Afinia premium green filament

You’re probably not putting out enough filament. Decreasing your layer height will also help, and printing slower couldn’t hurt.

When you print a solid layer, does it fill completely? I ask because it almost looks like the extruded filament is being stretched, as if your extrusion rate is too low.

Its probably me adjusting the flow rate to 93%. I get blobby on bottom infill layers if I do 100%. It should be a bit better by using a more accurate filament diameter value & @Whosa_whatsis 's extruder mod that we added yesterday.

I was able to print this specific model at 100% flowrate throughout, but I still got a thicker than normal fill layer that made the nozzle slightly scrape the top layer after 5 or 6 layers. I’m adding .02 to my filament diameter to see if I can get slightly less filament without screwing with the flowrate.

Edit: Yup, that worked. 1.75 is the best I’m getting from Afinia premium green @ 250. Thanks ya’ll!

I lowered the speed when I had this effect. Solved the issue… but then you get frustrated that it takes longer… Oh well…