Something wrong with my laser

hi , i am not sure about my laser because this laser can cut 3 mm plywood with 30 percent power , i think its not ok. also when the laser cuts the cooling liquid is under an electric voltage. what could be wrong ?
thanks for any advice

I am confused.
Do you mean it CANNOT cut 3mm plywood with 30% power?

Why do you think the cooling liquid has a charge, i.e. how do you know?

It is not uncommon for the water and bucket to have a static charge that may even provide a tickle if your grounded and you touch it.

on my other k40 laser i am cutting 3 mm plywood with 80 percent power and 14mm/s speed
but this laser cut 3 mm plywood with 30percent power and 15mm/s i think its too much power for 30percent

First time I have heard of a complaint about having “too good” of a cutting power :smiley:

One question might be: which machine is cutting correctly ??

Most likely sources of differences are:

  • Tube optical power vs electrical power
  • Optical system efficiency, alignment, and cleanliness
  • LPS output

I would start by understanding the current each laser is drawing vs the control panels’ power setting.
It’s best to characterize the LPS power output across the range of settings.

With this information, you can better understand the actual laser’s power over a range of settings.

This is not a bad thing to know about your machine anyway as you can use this information to compare to other machines or to tell when your LPS is dying. These LPS are actually consumable because the HVT eventually dies.

Here is how I do this test the blog post includes some data from @NedMan machine

If your two machines have about the same profiles I would then I would look for optical differences. If nothing is found in regard to the LPS or optics is may simply be the tubes has radically different power profiles.

@NedMan I wonder if your machine has changed much from your original profile.

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