Something are complete wrong in all Workspaces.

Something are complete wrong in all Workspaces. Please check this out: * load workspace, drag and drop a eagle brd file and i get a lot of Javascript errors. may somebody work on central js files? Also i get a ajax error message that some files can’t load??

i try to find …

Ok, here are the problem:

eagle-import: 9282:
if (this.mySceneGroup == null) {
this.mySceneGroup = new THREE.Group();

this.obj3d are not defined and calls error ‘Cannot read property ‘add’ of null’

Ok, at firefox with firebug i got a error:
“TypeError: THREE.FontUtils is undefined”

called in makeText function at Row 1564

I’m looking into it right now. It seems I don’t have my Three.js font anymore which doesn’t make sense.

Ok, fixed. Three.js released version 73 and broke a bunch of stuff. I reverted to version 72 and all is back to normal.

Hmm, i try at tinyg workspace with forceRefresh. But again:
TypeError: Cannot read property ‘add’ of null if i drag a eagle file in workspace.

Ok, i realized that i load version 73 every time with and wo forceRefres. Maybe thats the best url to load threed.js

You should let the 3d viewer load three.js and then your code should just work

I think this is another reason to have releases of Chilipeppr where users can decide to move up. I’m about to cut into some cutting boards that took me a few weeks to make with some expensive wood, and this scares the hell out of me.

No i mean cp load v73 every time. I dont change everything. I test with all workspaces, grbl, tinyg. I clear browsercache etc.pp.

Ok, try it now. I stuck with r73 now instead of reverting back to r72, but I added the external font utilities that they now require. In r72 and earlier they embedded the font utils in the core Three.js library. Now they’ve split them out to separate dependencies. So, instead of forcing all widgets to use r72 I’m just embracing the changes in r73. CP seems to load fine now.

@Frank_Graffagnino one of the reasons why I switched to LinuxCNC.

Yes, fontutils are the problem. IMHO cp load a version from an internal workspace. It’s not neccessary to load external js from an external url. Maybe we create also a ‘cp/beta’ workspace for new developments and test this with external js file and so on. Then the user can decide to use the productive version or enjoy new Features at the beta workspace. Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Or, just make each new release a version that users can bookmark and get back to. I think all the jsfiddle stuff already has versioning so seems to be most of the way there.