Some times you just need to take a quick glance at how your job

Some times you just need to take a quick glance at how your job is running. Sometimes a loved one needs your attention but you have a job that is running.

Fear not. You can use the brand new available workspace grblLight.

Check it out and let me know. If this is successful enough, I might even ask @jlauer to incorporate it into the workspace bill board.

Oh my god. That is hot as hell. I love it. You may want to put bootstrap into fluid mode for that layout. I think all the buttons should be bigger. Since I’m using bootstrap, which makes mobile phone layout amazing, it should be some easy CSS tweaks.

If you fork one of the billboards and make one for this I will 100% put it on the home page. This is so cool. I want to use this.

The button looks small because the zoom is incorrect. It seems that the mobile device doesn’t know at what width to render the web application.

Bootstrap suggest having

in the section. Would this change be submitted to github at, @jlauer ?

I think potentially I will need to go through individual widgets that this workspace use and provide updates for them to the authors. That way, certain visual elements are appropriately sized.

Can you just inject that meta tag into the DOM via Javascript or even via Jquery? I just never put in a meta viewport because I went for a desktop layout for the main line version.


Done. Check out the new version.