Some time ago I made some scrabble letters for a customer and trying to

Some time ago I made some scrabble letters for a customer and trying to be the clever person I saved all the files I used ready for the next order. BUT although I have all files for some reason I can not raster the letters. The job was split into two files, 1 the letters and 2 the squares and I just married them up. My problem is the files are both .dxf and I can not work out how I rastered the letters last time.

I have the G code which was made in LW3 for the job also but for some reason now I am using LW4 with grbl the G code isn’t firing the laser although it is running the rest of the code fine, is there away to edit a G code or to tell the machine to raster a .dxf file?

It will NOT raster a vector unless it’s filled. For that you will need to use Laser Fill Path operation. Since your file is DXF ( I’m not sure LW will recognize filled dxf files ) I suggest you open it it inkscape and save it as svg.

Ive tried that but for some reason Inkscape shows a blank page. I have also tried an online converter but it was to pixelated. I take it LW3 was able to fill dxf files then and that if why I’m having the problem.

Can you post the file? Ill try to take a look

Yes give me a minute but don’t go stealing it :wink:

These are all my files I created, I use sketchup for my designing. also the original G code is in there.

here you go. Its and svg with 2 layers. ive checked and it opens in LW. Just modify as needed

You are a beautiful person, Thank you so much.

If anybody wants these please feel free to download them from my drive.

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty I don’t know whats going wrong but these files are freezing my system and LW is saying there are errors. Any idea what I’ve done wrong now?

Freezing could be. Since this come from SketchUp and it brakes down curves terribly . Is you machine old? Mine took like 20 seconds to shoes the complete files.

i7 Mac book pro 2012 model, not new but certainly capable of running LW surely?

I guess it should. I could fix it further but I’m out until a couple of hours :frowning:

I have loaded the letters as svg and used my squares as dxf. the dxf file can be moved fine but the svg takes an age. I would say if I changes the x position it probably takes 30 seconds or more to actually move the image.

No I don’t expect you to fix it for me I just can not work out why you can use it fine but I am struggling. I’m hoping it will run ok once I’ve set it up that way I will just save the g code again.

I understand. But I need to fix it to tell you what to expect or how to do it. That way you have a working workflow

Ok thank you, I don’t expect straight away I’m sure you have plenty to do without this.

i find i have this issue when the file is a billion little paths versus smooth lines for a single edge. Haven’t found out what does it yet but selecting, loading, and moving in the laserweb ui always botches around and is nearly impossible to position with the mouse unless your super patient. maybe simplify paths before saving? hope this helps :slight_smile:

I was trying all night to find a way round it, the best idea I had was to load smoothie firmware back on and use LW3 with the g code I have but I can’t keep doing that everytime. I’ll wait until Ariel comes back with an option before I move forward with this.

@Andy_Shilling How are you exporting the dxf from sketchup? using pro version or the guitar list plugin?

It’s a plugin, i get the option of dxf or stl and I save it as poly lines dxf format.