Some pics of the plexiglass parts.

Some pics of the #Eustathios plexiglass parts.

So…a little googling shows plexi melts at 160C…the build plate isn’t plexi, is it? (other than that, it looks gorgeous)

@Mike_Miller , The current Acryllic design definitely won’t support a heated bed (that’s something I’ll probably add down the road), but I took a page out of the Ultimaker’s book:

There’s residual heat from the extruder, you might want to make sure there’s insulation between the build plate and the bed, or ensure a good draft to keep it all cool.

You’re also giving me ideas, I’ve played about with plexi, and this would be a good exercise…

What bits do you use on the Acryllic? I am wanting to cut some Acrylic on my CNC router.

I just started purchasing the extrusions to build this design. Love the steppers mounted under neath. The sketchup models needed some dressing up when output to stls. Rhino and netfab seem to have done the trick. Looking forward to getting everything mechanically assembled.

Let me know if you have any tricks or notes you ran into during your assembly.

@Sonex128 , this is the bit I used for milling the plexi:
I used a feed rate of 600mm/min, and it turned out great. Good luck!

@Eclsnowman , glad to hear you like the design. Cleaning up the model to make exporting easier is on my todo list, but I’ve had pretty good luck using netfab to fix things up for printing. The only tip I have is: if you’re using pre-assembly t-nuts for the extrusion, make sure you place the correct number on each side of each piece of extrusion before assembly. I won’t embarrass myself by telling how many times I had to disassemble pieces to insert more… Good luck!

@Jason_Smith do you have a vitemins list (bolts used)?