Some of the stuff I've been successful with the new 50 watt machine and

(Scott Thorne) #1

Some of the stuff I’ve been successful with the new 50 watt machine and software.

(Anthony Bolgar) #2

Nice work.

(Scott Thorne) #3

@funinthefalls ​…thanks brother…hope all is going well with you and your family.

(Anthony Bolgar) #4

The family is doing great, on the other hand I’m just surviving, it takes just over 10,000 pills a year just to stay somewhat healthy and functional, some days I can’t do much, even with the 500mg of morphine a day I am on.

(ED Carty) #5

Very Nice Work

(Scott Thorne) #6

That’s a lot to take in brother, you and your family are in our daily prayers @funinthefalls , hope I’m not being too personal but what are all the pain killers for?

(Anthony Bolgar) #7

Chronic pain as the result of 2 head on car crashes spaced less than 6 months apart(I am a good driver, I was the passenger in both wrecks)

(Scott Thorne) #8

@funinthefalls …that’s sad to hear man…I hope your pain subsides soon my friend…I couldn’t imagine being in your shoes bro…you are in our prayers man.

(Scott Thorne) #9

@ED_Carty …thanks man…hard to prep some of these for the final engrave.

(ED Carty) #10

You did great. They are very beautiful.

(ED Carty) #11

What type of material is that ? wood i assume.

(Scott Thorne) #12

It’s Baltic birch plywood.

(ED Carty) #13

Very nice choice. The coloring is a great match.