Some minor changes and questions.

Some minor changes and questions.

I have modified the shocks used for modeling to a length of 100mm as discussed earlier. In this process i have also modified the height of the “shock tower” aswell as added some more ground clearance.

Would it be a good idea to add holes on either side of the shocks upper mounting holes for more mounting options?

I have been thinking about how to handle updates. While adding minor changes would it be ok to just post it as a link to a STEP on Google Drive?

Thoughts on this?

If we add more mouting holes, maybe it’s ok to remove the hexagonal pocket and just have a hole instead. One would have to use a wrench then but maybe that’s ok?

Here’s my two cents:

+1 for the modifications

Are you saying you want to increase the number of holes in the shock tower for changing that 43° angle? Sounds good. The DF03 has a whole array of mounting holes, allowing for different shock lenghts and different angles. I’d think that would be overkill since we can just print a tower that works for whatever shocks intended for the particular car. An optional tower for 90mm shocks would be nice to have - i’d think that having interchangeable options like this one throughout the design would make add a whole bunch of coolness to the car :wink:

What’s the other option for versioning? Re-uploading the file to thingiverse? I think having periodically-released “stable” version with all .stls ready to print and a “beta” version with just the .step files would be a good compromise.

Sorry I’m comparing it to the RC10B4 again :frowning: The way they do it is just what you are proposing: The shock tower simply has a hole with no thread or nut capture and uses a plastic nut to keep the screw from falling out. It works and isn’t much of a hassle to install.

Since there appears to be some versioning going on, I think a public Google Drive or Dropbox folder would be great. You could have multiple folders for different versions as it seems different people might want different options. So a base folder, then sub-folders containing different part alterations?

@Thomas_Sanladerer Thanks for the feeback!

About the mounting holes, exactly. One hole on either side of it´s current position. I will do two models of the shock tower, 1 for 90mm shocka and 1 for 100mm.
Or should i do three more holes 10mm below on the current shock tower? What would you prefer?

I´m not sure if i want to “replace” the current files as there´s always somebody who want´s to go back or print a replacement part. But maybe just upload ZIPfiles containing all the necessary files for the latest “stable” and as you suggested a STEP file for the “Betas”… Would be nice to hear what people think about STEP files as not many seem to actually use it.

I will switch to regular 3mm holes for mounting shocks.

@Jamie_Billy Good idea, thanks!

@Daniel_Noree Are the standoffs a separate piece or part of the tower? More holes will work if the standoffs are separate, but it will still be a tight proposition that way. I’d go with two versions and shave off a bit of the material on the bottom (where the wide parts of the damper starts) and get rid of the huge standoff altogether.

@Thomas_Sanladerer They´re seperate. Ok, will settle for two versions then.
The standoffs will stay for now.

Also design suggestions for holders for a car body and a front bumper would be greatly appreciated if anyone has an idea! =)

Ok, new shocktowers (for 10mm shocks), and more holes for added mounting options.


Have you used GitHub before? That would be a good place for you to store your files and easy alteration!