Some how I've lost the ability to zoom when in Chilipeppr.

Some how I’ve lost the ability to zoom when in Chilipeppr. So I can’t read any of the info about the cut like estimated time and measurements which I have to have. Did I click something? My mouse wheel works fine on everything else but if I try to zoom in CP it will NOT zoom in and it usually zooms out so far and fast it disappears and will not come back? this is keeping me working cause I don’t know where to start the cut at without the measurements. I appreciate any help you can give me so I can hopefully get back to work. Thank you all!

Duplicated, see below

are you guys on chrome, firefox, safari, or IE?

Looks like this is a recent change in Chrome. Firefox seems to work OK. Trackpad on laptop works fine. Mouse wheel is whacked on Chrome on PC. I’m hearing Chrome on OSX is working.

Chrome/chromium in Linux and Windows are buggy

Firefox in linux is working fine

Ill try firefox thanks guys

Fix was deployed this morning. Should work everywhere again.