Some colors are already there...

Some colors are already there… 10 more spools are coming!

The small ones on the side are from (~25€/kg, not so good quality, you get what you pay for) and the big ones from (~30€/kg, good quality, works for me). I don’t remember where i got the three ones in the center.

Since the fabber-parts plastic had ø3.1mm at some point it got stuck in my 3mm-Ultimaker-tube. I changed it to 4mm so i can finish the spools but i don’t recommend it, i will revert to 3mm since i don’t buy the bad stuff anymore.

Note: i did send back a spool where it was ø3.1mm (or even ø3.15mm) and got a refund.

Question: where (EU) can i buy ø3mm glow-in-the-dark PLA?

I just got a shipment of 3 spools and one of them is 2.95-3.05mm and it jams in my Ultimaker as well. :frowning:

Very annoyed, shipping it back would cost me more than what it’s worth.

BTW, I’ve really bad jams with the glowing PLA in the past, I don’t even try it anymore.

Faberdasher has glow in the dark.

@Shachar_Weis Upgrade to a tube with ø3.2mm, you can find some on eBay.

@Peter_Parnes Thank you. I also found some on Amazon/iGo3D :smiley:

@Christian_Lolkes What is it called ? I tried looking for teflon tubes but I can’t find any with inner size of 3.2mm.

@Shachar_Weis Search for PTFE Tube. Look here or

Do you find some colours print better than others? We have a 3D systems Cube and find that, despite the fact they are all in their own cases, the green prints best. This is more than likely to do with the inside spool not spinning correctly.

@TCT_Personalize Since i don’t have i 3D Cube i can’t tell.

I always verify the spools so the filament comes of easily (i had a filament knot once).

Thanks @Christian_Lolkes