Some chinese vendors have started shipping a new led chip called TM1814 which is

@Ryan_Cush , WS2815 have the same redundancy as WS2813 but run at 12V and are much brighter… They are supposed to be more efficient, so less heat. But time will tell. I don’t have any for testing (yet).

@Jeremy_Spencer I’m looking at the WS2815 data sheet and the brightness is the same as WS2813b.

Now, there is a WS2813a variant that is ~30% brighter, but I haven’t seen these available anywhere

I can see the benefit in terms of voltage drop, of using 12V and down-converting to lower voltage for the LEDs. But I am still wondering how they would get around massive heat/energy loss during the voltage drop.

Are these WS2815 strips controlled with 5V input? Or do they need 12 V too?


Oh if these had been on the market when I did $massive_project a few years ago. Kinda makes me want to rebuild it, just for how much simpler it’d be :no_mouth:.

I’ve just ordered some GS8208s to try, they look like a 12V WS2813B…