Some Black Panther close-up...

Some Black Panther close-up… Not totally finished but pretty much there!

  1. That’s an error. :{

Please share public photo library link, any way very well done, piece of art! LOVE it!

@Michael_Memeteau what is the purpose of the cork frame on the bed?

I had made a tempered glass plate hoping that it will compensate the slight deformation of the aluminum plate, but the tempering process was apparently too artisanal, so I had to put something in the middle to absorb the difference. The thing is the cork is a very good insulation, which, in this particular case isn’t a very good thing. I’ll probably remove it soon and print directly on alu after putting some FSR to go for automated bed levelling.

… And Portugal is the first cork producer, so it’s kind of a national touch!

Hi Michaël, I finally posted the video I made of your printer at Maker Faire:

great but short, I could watch this beauty litle longer. Great piece of art @Michael_Memeteau

@Miguel_Barroso Great video (and respective movie director!) Thanks for sharing… Let me know anytime the scratch for building a 3D printer is itching. I’ll help!

Thank you @Michael_Memeteau , my i-Topie project is a little bit stalled - too much work… I already have almost all components, the frame is done, next step will be painting it. :wink:

Keep us posted and good luck…

@Thai_Architect Sure! You can also use the building instructions found here:

Hi! @Thai_Architect . I may have a more recent version of the BOM, but you’re right, I’m not too keen on spending time finishing it at that stage of my life (I’m just kicking off a StartUp). But feel free to ask me anything… I’m not too fond of the belt for the Z-stage and found the 3 lead screws to be more than adequate. You could probably, even with 500 mm, go for a 2 screws like the Eusthathios or Herculien. That’s even simpler.