Some 14 hours later...

Some 14 hours later… =)

that`s long but looks good…with what layerheight do you print the parts for the rc ?

@Rznag_Rmrod I started the print last night and when I do an overnight print I always slow down the speed considerably to keep the noise down… It’s printed at 0.2mm layer height.

ok, that makes sense…thanks

Can you give me some more details on the settings? Trying currently to print those in ABS with 100% infill, 0 shells and 0.2 layer height but always ends up in a mess of strings/spaghetti as soon as it reaches the first overhang (I’m printing your design with support and have the same results whether I enable raft and external supports or not :frowning: ).

@Eric_Weber i have used settings identical to yours, with 40mm/s I think it was. I have printed eight of them. I think it’s crucial that the first layers stick very well to the HBP or you’re screwed.

Thanks. The first layers stick very very well.
I get the stringy stuff once it hits the first overhang. I will try to reslice them and see if this makes a difference. :wink: