Software for the Stock M2 Nano Control Board

OK, let’s talk about software to control your stock K40 control board (M2 Nano). These machines typically come with programs like LaserDraw or CorelLaser to control the laser. On their own these programs are “ok” but they come with a host of idiosyncrasies and, in the case of CorelLaser, an outdated pirated copy of CorelDraw. You also have to have the usb “dongle” to use the software, so hope you don’t lose it.

While you can “get by” with these programs, the K40 community was fortunate to have @Scorch step in and reverse engineer the communication protocols for the stock board and create a nifty program called K40 Whisperer. He did it as a gift to the community and we, as a community, are greatly indebted to his effort.

You use a freeware design program called Inkscape to design your work and import it into K40 Whisperer to run on the laser. K40 Whisperer has more functionality than the stock software options and none of the issues.

So, if you need software to run your stock K40, head on over to the K40 Whisperer site for more information.


New options have been opening up for alternate software for stock control boards (M2 Nano)

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