Soft end stops machine:DELTA not functional?

(glenenglish_SW) #1

Smoothieware stable build.

FWIW I have :
soft_endstop.enable true
soft_endstop.halt true
soft_endstop.z_min 0
gamma_max is 104

all homing and otherwise perfect running works. but… being a delta , needs protection in case negative Z axis request is sent to it, otherwise will try and smash the (pnp) head through the deck. None of the endstop points seem to work. I have verified in get-config on console that the endstops are enabled and the zmin number is what I expect it to be….

I had a good look at the source, My first thought was that soft end stops might have been tested AFTER machine machine arm computations.
Nope in, robot.cpp etc , soft endstops are checked before geometry computations for the delta, so that should be OK. Code looks fine.

is my next step doing a debug build so the printfs work ? or load up GDB in jtag ? am STM32 familiar so :LPC cant be too hard…

Or do I not correctly understand how they are supposed to work :slight_smile:

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