So, yesterday I had to apply excessive force to try and increase the tension

So, yesterday I had to apply excessive force to try and increase the tension in my gt2 belts, but the test circles still failed to print properly so I decided to print some of @Eclsnowman 's parts, after @Miguel_Sanchez suggested that I might have to get rid of the igus bearings. Here you can see that I just started the print, but also, that those circles suddenly look almost perfect. I may have to do some more research into what’s going on.

Maybe alignment of bearings was not good and it is getting better after some use? Did you perform any type of mechanincal run-in?

I did a 5 hour run of a spiral vase, but it probably wasn’t enough. I’ve also replaced some shafts which I assume undid any previous run-ins.

Bended shafts may also disturb smooth motion …

That seems to be a sensitive subject on these printers :wink:

I do suggest making a “break in” g-code and running it for a few hours. Travel to all four corners in a box, then cross over the center going corner to corner. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat…

You can add z travel codes to break in the z stage too.

It really helps to smooth things out. I am pretty sure this is what I used. Just edit travel distances to match your printer usable bed sizes.

Thanks Eric!

@Shauki I try. This community is an important part of my identity now. We are all both teachers and students. I couldn’t have ever achieved what I have without the great minds that struggled before me. And I am learning from the great minds that have followed me then diverged into their own inspirations.

This group and this sense of community is truly amazing.

Thanks Shauki

I face a similar issue, but I am using a MGN12h linear rail and carriage.