So while I really like the NSTT Extruder,

So while I really like the NSTT Extruder, it’s got a couple of bits that I’m not happy with, mainly a reverse bowden and not having a cover. About 12 hours later in FreeCAD, I’ve got this: The Drakon Extruder. With Heavy influences from both the E3D Titan and the NSTT, 3:1 gearing on 1.75mm for precision, but can be easily modified for 3mm with a couple of tweaks. Not tested as yet, but I’ll be doing that as soon as I have the bearings in.

If you want to test it, all files can be found at

I like it!

Perfect timing. Just got diamond installed onto new Griffin Printer last night, off to print this now.

@raykholo - let me know how it goes.

I love this, especially if it works!

Working on it…

@Thomas_Whiting - just finishing the print tests now

Ax let me know when Bom and instructions are ready.

Will do.

Imma leave this here…
missing/deleted image from Google+

Beautiful! First impressions?

Success… printed on the #AX-02 with the Drakon Extruder
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