So, which would you rather have added to OctoPrint   1.

So, which would you rather have added to @OctoPrint

  1. Gcode Editor (so a text editing panel for gcode files)
  2. Remote Slicing (Octoprint offloads Slicing to another server/computer you set up, first up would be Slic3r since I already have that mostly done)
  3. More refined Cura integration / Settings Manipulation for the designated profile? Allow you to slice a given model with a selection of profiles you can upload? Profile management?

Man that’s a tough call. I honestly think the Gcode editor just out of necessity. It should be the easiest to implement. I know it’s not everyone’s style, but I sometimes constantly tweak my gcode during a print. I guess I’m too lazy to run slic3r again.

Nb 3 I quite often switch between profiles based on specific needs, and tweak tweak tweak all profiles:-)

Remote Slicing please! We will really use it in our school projects!

I’d say GCODE editor as I find myself regularly going in there to tweak something.

Remote slicing

@Gregor_Luetolf there is a slicerSupport branch that enables on device slicing through Cura

Is that enough to get you started?

I’m thinking

  1. bust out a quick simple Gcode/Slicing profile editor - easiest to implement, immediate value.
  2. get slicerhub ( talking with Octoprint via their respective APIs
  3. Come up with a Slicing Panel where you can to begin with slice a model with any of the slicers available. So on-board or remote.
  4. Generic file manager that allows STLs / Gcode to be previewed and actions performed on them (edit, slice, print etc)

The slicing panel would let you pick / manage profiles on the host for different slicers to begin with but in the future would be opened by from the file management section. Think google docs but allowing different ways of opening the files. So a gcode file could be opened in the editor, loaded to print or visualized/previewed. A STL could be visualized and then sliced -> preview. An coffeeSCAD file could be opened - edited - sliced - printed.

@Ross_Hendrickson Thank you, just found out today that you advanced this far. Tried to grab enough information to install it, but run out of time. I’ll be offline for 10 days at least starting from tomorrow and give it another try when I’m back online.

@Gregor_Luetolf no worries, hopefully it will be in the main dev branch and then master soon enough.

Slicing support. It’s been awhile since I checked out the various “cloud slicing” options, but slicing support would be useful probably only if it can do it not on the pi itself, given the time it might take.


On board slicing is in dev

Nb. 3 slicing profil management would be really helpful for using different materials and special profiles for tests etc.

Adding another +1 for slicing profile support (just for the record ;))