So what's the best source for our bed leveling springs?

So what’s the best source for our bed leveling springs?

this is where I’ve got mine from, great quality springs

Bought 1mm spring steel wire and made them myself with an accu drilling machine. Functional but not as nice as the ones from ali. Advantage of DIY is flexibility, I also made some smaller ones for my extruder from the same wire.

@Anthony_White ​ I bought a hand full from a local surplus store 3cents each. Where are you located, I will send you some.

clothes’ pegs are a good source of cheap springs from the dollar shop

I’m in Los Angeles, but have rigged up a solution with some doubled up weaker compression springs that will work for now!

@Anthony_White private message me your address and I will drop them in the mail.

I found some at the local Ace Hardware store, which makes me think Home Depot or Lowe’s might have some, too.

EDIT: Yep. Not as cheap as Eric Lien’s offer of free, but if you just want to run to the store to get one now…

i recycled some springs from an old heatsick for a dell desktop