So what happens to Thingiverse indeed...I guess this was inevitable but isn't it ironic

So what happens to Thingiverse indeed…I guess this was inevitable but isn’t it ironic since makerbot was founded on offering an alternative to big companies like this? (shakes head and sighs) The only consolation is the other founders who are no longer present will get their share…and all employees/former employees with stock options…hopefully. #makerbot #thingiverse

I would not put too much faith in this. Reading the comments is more enligthening. Some of them make more sense than the article, written by someone who’s probably not really close to the personal 3D printing market. I place more worth on the Fabbaloo blog opinion on this matter:

And if Makerbot is to be sold, my money is on Autodesk! Carl Bass has been quoted as being very interested in personal 3D printing. They already have a distribution deal with MB.

True, all conjecture at this point. I probably just fed the trolls.

I haven’t been on this G+ community for long but it seems to be relatively free of trolls. :slight_smile:

Oh good! Oh crap that means I might be a troll! LOL. No but I think the discussion is great.