So....what are you folks thinking of the new look for

So…what are you folks thinking of the new look for I’m totally bummed because I had been going through and viewing all of the old stuff on there (back when everyone was friends!) and now things have changed entirely. Yes, there are a bunch of other really interesting repositories – but as someone who has been participating in Thingiverse since 2009 and seeing a lot of great innovation there, the makeover is … NOT what I would have expected.

Seems fine to me. I went in, clicked Explore at the top, and then Things, and it looked a lot like it used to look, except that it auto-loaded new things as I scrolled down, which seemed an improvement to me. Then I searched for some of my items, and looked at the pages for them. Seems like I can still see everything.

The customizer is interesting. but overall it seems to be sparse or something about the look is unwelcoming.

I agree with Luis, seems impersonal

Like something broke and it isn’t rendering correctly?

I also don’t like the our favorites section. When you load the page, you see the featured things (that are selected by them) more featured things(" ") and Our Favorites. What happened to the community?

You either have to go to almost the bottom of the page or go into the next layer in.

Makes me sad.

It is a pretty narrow, pretty large-object site. Though I do like the Thing pages and the file download popup. Now THIS is intriguing:

There is a suspicious white space on the Thing pages to the top right – I think they are about to roll out other functionality. Am tempted to bug the webdevs but would be best to leave them alone.

I guess the blog is dead or being “remixed”?

My guess is a send to shapeways button! Ha! But seriously I am betting some Replicator/makerwave functionality is in the works. Everything is centered around the Rep2 with some ToM support.

And this app?

here is the blog, were those categories there before? Ok bye.

Still no sortable search results. Would be so much easier to find the right upgrades on a search for eg “Prusa” and sort by popularity. Menus still do not work on my iPad 1. The look reminds me of any simple WordPress theme. To bad thingiverse is sort of a monopoly on 3D printable things, as they obviously don’t prioritize it much and it’s closed down so the community is not able to help improve it.

That search is only going to get worse… if you look at the newest things theres 50 iphone cases, snowflakes, and rings right now. Thats brilliant. Seems like making each customized object a new thing is a bad idea.

Most everything eles looks fantastic and the image navigation is better except it really sucks not being able to click on the image to get a bigger image and any image thats vertical gets chopped horribly.

The customizer is good, I did some tests with alike idea back August 2012, as I realized many OpenSCAD models could easily have a web-interface to tune the variables, and create … yes, customized versions, I was rather thinking of normed things, screws, nuts, etc. Anyway, using an API to interface thingiverse is a smart move, any alternative of thingiverse has to catch up, quickly. That the customizer is posting on my behalf I don’t like, and I already see iPhone cases produced . . . perhaps treat customized versions not in the “Newest”, they are new, but not so news worthy (in my rss reader).
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@Rene_K_Mueller , I’m definitely with you on not treated customized versions as “Newest”, that’s going to get very old, very fast. I think that the customizer will prove extremely popular, as it lowers the barrier to entry for customized items immensely. Yes, it’s not 100% created from scratch, but so what? I know quite a few people that would gladly pay to have a few different customized iPhone cases, in different colors, to swap in and out.

I made a suggestion on the thingiverse support site saying while I liked many of the features I didn’t really appreciate having to wade through 50 identical iphone cases to see what was new today.

I also should have commented but didn’t notice right away that to get to the comments on a thing you have to scroll down much further than you used to. This is a shame as sometimes you discover great hints about print-ability of a thing.

I suspect all we can do is make comments and suggestions to support and hope if enough of us say something they’ll do something about the features we miss.

I’m with you @Laura_Thomas , let’s hope they listen to our feedback and continue to make improvements!

Hey Matt,

Sorry to hear that you are not enjoying the new Thingiverse design!

Thingiverse is, as always, a work-in-progress. Can you elaborate on what things have changed for the worse?

I am also happy to chat about it with you privately if you don’t want to air your grievances publicly. :slight_smile:

Ooh I found something else vexing, Items that weren’t in a category like thing now appear in every category. It’s possible they did before but because they weren’t in alphabetical order it was less obvious. I’d like to be able to sort the categories by creation date or something other than alphabetical.