So today i started designing my first home built bot.  I'm making it in

(Wes Makes Stuff) #1

So today i started designing my first home built bot. I’m making it in classic MakerBot styling, but with CoreXY tool path control and a bigger build plate. I’m just starting on the mechanical side. I have not decided on my electronics yet, but I have a whole ramps 1.4 setup already at the house. Check it out! (Ruler in the picture is 12 inches). I’m planning to make it open source!

(Justin Nesselrotte) #2

What are you designing this in? Will it be open source?

(Wes Makes Stuff) #3

Im making this in Autodesk Inventor because thats what im trained in. Im also using autocad to get ideas out of my head really quickly. I do plan on releasing this printer open source. I will probably upload it to Thingiverse simply because thats where most people are. If they will let me, I will try to put it on MMF as well, but it isnt 3D printable so im not sure if that will work.

(Justin Nesselrotte) #4

I mean as long as the files are available, it should be fine. May I suggest isn’t GitHub to host and keep up with changes?

(Wes Makes Stuff) #5

Ill look into it. Ive never hosted anything on GitHub before. Also, this is my first printer to design. Ive been printing for several years. Im going to try to put some of the best features in it. Im also going to try to use standard, easy to get parts as much as possible (minus the aluminum extrusions and laser cut parts). For instance, the bed will be removable glass, and I am going to try to design it to take a standard, uncut piece that you can find at most hardware stores.

(Justin Nesselrotte) #6

Cool. What wood thickness are you using? Is the wood structural?

(Wes Makes Stuff) #7

Im using 5MM because i can get it at home depot. as of right now, it is structural, but i have been toying with the idea of having a full aluminum frame under the wood. If i do go with a mightyboard based design, will BotQueue be able to run a sailfish bot? Last time i checked it wouldn’t.

(adam paul) #8

Octoprint has a gpx plugin for running a mightyboard. What’s your plan for the z stage on hbp that size?

(Jan de Jager) #9
(Wes Makes Stuff) #10

Im probably looking at something to this effect but im not %100 sure. I have to go to the hardware store soon and figure out what size glass im going to use, then I can see how big of a heater I need. As far as the z stage, im not sure. It will be pretty massive. I dont want to have ball screws on all 4 bed corners, but i think a typical Makerbot/Ultimaker style wont be strong enough.

(Wes Makes Stuff) #11

Thats pretty cool @Jan_de_Jager . Was there something specific you wanted me to see there?

(Jan de Jager) #12

@Wes_Makes_Stuff ​ Yes, sorry. Its a good guise for the corexy mechanics, and this design can be sized quite well. I have mine built half way.

(Wes Makes Stuff) #13

Nice! Ill definitely take a look at it for reference. Since Ive been printing for several years, the designing and building is the fun part, so don’t necessarily want to just scale up someone Else’s design. But reference is always good. Ive got to do some more research on how the actual coreXY works.

(Jan de Jager) #14

@Wes_Makes_Stuff ​ here is a good resource

(Zviad Sulaberidze) #15

what diameter linear rods do you plan to use?

(Wes Makes Stuff) #16

I was planning on using all 20mmx20mm v-slot aluminum extrusion. No linear rods because of the sag in the middle.

(Richard Earl) #17

@Wes_Makes_Stuff I have been working for a while on the design of a corexy of similar size, its not ready for general release but you can access a copy of my inventor files here:!27171&authkey=!AKnLiG5HQayWKi0&ithint=folder%2Cipt
please note that the extrusion size is 30 x 30 as here in South Australia that was the easiest to get hold of, the 3D printer core XY assembly file is the whole thing, under the folder of the same name you will find a sub folder for sub-assemblies, I only started using Inventor when designing this so I am sure you will find lots of mistakes, and a messy file structure, when I started doing the corexy I tidied up somewhat and intend to clean up the files after the printer is built (which still looks like it will be some time) before a general public release.

(Wes Makes Stuff) #18

Thanks Richard. I’ll check it out tomorrow. Hopefully I can fall asleep soon. Too many ideas in my head for it to be 3 AM

(Richard Earl) #19

I know that feeling, you could move to Aus its only just gone 6pm, then you would have 9 more hours of idea time :slight_smile:

(Justin Nesselrotte) #20

BotQueue can technically run it although it seems there are a few issues I still need to fix. I should be getting a sailfish printer to test with, so by the time the printer is built it would work.