So this is what I use to remove prints from the print bed.

So this is what I use to remove prints from the print bed. I makes the one that come with printers look like butter knife.

the trick is not a sharp edge but a ¼ rounded one, so you can lever up the part. Also some droplets of isopropanol minimize force due to capillary effects. I am using a palette knife - not sharp but thin and flexible. Allow me to remove smaller parts while printing multiple without force.

The scrape knives are deliberately dull. What annoyed me was I spent money on the Buildtak spatula and it wasn’t good. They said later that the edge had to be 0.3mm or thicker or else it would be classified as a weapon but that’s the thickness of my first layer. I would rather they didn’t bother selling such a useless tool.

I think removable and flexible build plate will reduce the need for these. But till then compared to the scrapers I used to use this works very well.

I am a big fan of removable glass build plates. Toss it in the fridge or freezer after the print is done. Parts just pop off.

@Christopher_Bray ever tried flexible spring steel magnetic bed?


Yes I did use a flexible steel bed from MAGHOLD for a while. It was a lot of fun. But eventually the BuildTak would start get defects in it. Also, the shrinkage on some parts was able to overcome the magnetics and flex the plate up at the corners of the print. It was weird. Now my glass plate is clipped to an oversized steel flex plate on top of my magnetic build plate. Complicated for stupid reasons.

@Christopher_Bray i am using a ipad (12.9") protective cover glass - Only 0.33mm thick (glas is a thermal insulator) and bendable. Put this on a spring steel plate … We (hackerspace) use a plain spring steel with adhesion 3D-print spray. I am using Polyimide film. As the tempered glas has a silicone film - you can use it directly on a hotbed - but it might crack if not removed with care.

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