So this is the bottom layer.

So this is the bottom layer. All marked with an X should be round and smaller.

Thanks for the pics. Very helpful. I see what’s going on. I guess the question is whether my code is causing this to happen. If you import the same file into chilipeppr itself (I know you’re on the grbl workspace but also just drag the brd into the tinyg), do we get the same results?
A few notes: we managed to fix all the issues earlier today with board rendering. Everything except board flip is working. So if your issue is specifically with my code, I’d like to have you test with the my new release before I go debugging the issue further. I’ll be making the post with the new code by tomorrow.

Ray’s latest release is at and i think it will solve most of your issues except the circles. I’ve never seen circles as pads, but I bet you all we have to do is detect for the attribute of circle and we’ll change the rendering style akin to how we do the vias or pads which have circles.

@Mano_Biletsky_Open_M . Send me the .brd file so I can see how the circles get parsed. Dropbox links work great.

Please give me a message if you downloaded it. i don’t want my design to be online for too long. So after your message i can delete it.

@Mano_Biletsky_Open_M I have downloaded it, you can remove the link now.