So, this is my third printer.

So, this is my third printer. Its a mix of Ingentis> bed setup and <Eustathios/ultimaker> > X/Y axis and Rigidbot > frame tubing and printed parts. A short vid while printing a part @ 100mm/s. Tell me what you think ;-)

This one should work :slight_smile:


Very nice. I’d like to see more detail on your build.

What does that “Kill-A-Watt” tell you about power consumption on that printer :slight_smile:

@Chet_Wyatt around 2.3A when running and 5.2A when bed is heating up. (the heat pad is on 120Volts along side the powersupply line… thats why its on the kill-a-watt… to see that I dont go over the cable’s rating (8Amps)

@Carlton_Dodd sure, what would you like to know ?

Oh, just some more about the parts you used, any problems/advantages. I’m looking around for a design to build. Debating between a delta and this type of design.

@Carlton_Dodd Well, the frame is 1/8" (3.2mm) square tubing. I have 2x10’ + 1x48" in all… some parts are 1/16" tubing to have more space in the tube to allow more wiring (like the to ones for the LCD / microSD / leds). I design the plastic parts my self. some of the pulleys/belts was purchased from robodigg, rods from Misumi, J-head from a local 3D company,the rest is from ebay. the headbed heater kapton/rubber pad is custom made from a china seller on ebay… 120V/500W giving me around 10W/inch² of heat.

@Jean-Francois_Coutur Nice! It looks like a clean design. How are you fastening your plastic parts to the square tubing? Did you drill holes, or do the screws just press against the tubing?

@SirGeekALot the major parts are trough holes.( I also build a jig that i could screw down on my drill press table so every tube was dead on.)

the top holder for the power supply is a screw that is pressing against the tubing… its amazing how strong it can get and not even braking the plastic or stripping threads.