So this is interesting.

So this is interesting. I’ve been printing parts out for an Eggbot and I’ve noticed that in a lot of the holes it ends the print by squirting a squiggle of filament into the air (you can see where it departs from the shell at the top-left of the oval hole). I’m not sure if this is a model or slicing problem, but since it’s on every piece I’m guessing slic3r is doing it.

Have you ever seen this before?

I’m not sure about that, but from this picture, I can definitely tell that you’re over-extruding, which answers your question in the other thread.

Cool, thanks for the feedback! Out of curiosity, whats the tell that this is too much plastic?

The individual lines from extrusion of pressing into each other quite a bit. It’s bulging out in a way it really shouldn’t.

The method from Slic3r is Nicer is really easy to follow if you’re having trouble, so that’s a good place to start regardless of what slicing software you use:

The large flat top surface shows some signs of over-packing, but the tops of the thin towers are obviously over-packed, as the extrusion lines are not visible at all.