so this happened. but they probably should have done it a year ago. 

so this happened.
but they probably should have done it a year ago.

From reading the webpage it looks like you have to buy this as an add on with new printers. Crazy.

@Chris_Brent nah I just ordered one separately for $99. Buts that’s only because the first one is half price.

Why would you give them more money?

@Joe_Spanier because I wanna sell mine.

@Joe_Spanier Sunk cost.

It’s a shame they’re not providing this as a free replacement to existing owners. Local school eventually bought replacement MB hotend and now here they go again having to buy a replacement to the replacement if they want to keep using the printer.

Would have been nice of Makerbot/Stratasys to make these “Smart” extruder+ modules a discounted/free replacement for existing owners and to make them defacto in their printers vs making it a pay-for-reliability option. But then again, we are talking about Makerbot/Stratasys here, so maybe that isn’t so surprising.

Nobody’s mentioned what they changed? They added a PTFE tube. Revolutionary.

I look and dont see anything special…they have done it right,so are we…

(gets popcorn and waits for the drama)

@Whosa_whatsis I hope they waste money patenting that innovation

@Whosa_whatsis from the post, it sounds like they modified the wheel encoder’s method of contact with the filament, so it doesn’t slip, causing false alarms about extrusion failure. The longer PTFE tube for sure. I’m guessing also extrusion grip/etc…

Has me wondering how much of this can be retro-fitted for existing modules… or if the module interface specs can be open so third parties can make their own module. Say… Volcano E3D head. :slight_smile: